Drinking Carrot Juice Reduces Cancer Risk?

Saturday, August 15th 2015. | Carrot Juice Benefits

How can drinking carrot juice reduce cancer risk? The team of researcher from the University of Newcastle upon Tyne in England and Denmark gets the natural pesticide falcarinol decreases the risk of cancer that develops in the rat by one third. Even though the expert suggests that people eat the carrot for the anti cancer property, it is not known what component of the vegetable causes the effect. We are recommended to eat carrot or drink carrot juice to reduce the cancer risk. It is known well that carrot can reduce the risk of cancer. But, what the component in this carrot that can give that benefit is not found yet. This is a big question for us. How can they recommend it while they do not know exactly what is in?

drinking Carrot juice Reduces Cancer Risk 1The study result is launched in the Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry. This is significant as they can give a rule to the healthy eating advice for the consumer and recommendation for the grower. Drinking carrot juice reduces cancer risk and may help the development of anti cancer drug. There should be more researchers who try to do this study. This kind of research is needed for the medical world. There should be a development in the medical field, especially cancer disease. There should be the drug that can cure it.

The falcarinol keeps the carrot from the fungal disease, like the liquorice rot that makes the black spot on the root during the storage. The scientist researches the compound after the previous publish study that is recommended it can prevent the development of cancer. And the result is true that carrot can prevent the cancer growth. It can reduce its development. So, if we may be diagnosed that we have a cancer, for at least drinking carrot juice reduces cancer risk done regularly to stop the growth.